Does anyone get a feel like this is fifa 12?

I feel a lot of similarities from this game and fifa 12. The two biggest ones being that I can win with a modest team and my winning record compared to previous titles. Anyone else?


  • Riggs006
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    Not really in my opinion, FIFA 12 didn't require too much skill, it was fun as hell but you could just pace abuse with people like Nilmar and the finesse was waaaay OP.
  • Gromit
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    I could win with non rares up to FUT14, didn't have anywhere near as much joy with it in 15 or 16 though. Not tried on 17 yet but I expect it will be easier than the last two. It's just down to the fact the gameplay is centred around passing and movement (like it should be) which means if you concentrate, play sensibly, you can out manoeuvre stronger teams. The last 2 games were all OP dribbling, OP skills. OP pace, so it suited a lot of the better cards that had 4* skills and high balance and agility etc.

    There were a few cheap cards last year that were OP because they had 90+ in the balance and agility stats.

    As for comparison to 12, I'd say the rigidity of the player movement is similar, I remember hating 15 so much I booted up 12 and couldn't believe how stiff the players felt. 17 has a bit of that going on, but tbh it's an improvement on the last two games IMO.
  • AlbanianFIFABoi
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    This FIFA is more of a combination of FIFA 14 and 15/16 imo. The dribbling is toned down, like in FIFA 14 but passing is more like 15/16 and defending has more similarities to FIFA 15. The dribbling in FIFA 12 was imo second best dribs on any FIFA other than FIFA 10/11, and the passing was very accurate and ping pong, but the defending was very, very contain heavy.
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