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This stat only matter if you player is an average player. I see time and time again I play some idiot who runs his team all over the field with the double team button held down while he tries to read your passes. So I spread the ball around to tire out his defense, works great his cb's are really low for cbs. Multiple runs their cbs would be limited to no stamina while I have a fresh legged santi corzola being sucked in like a magnet and can't get around the player. I get it if they are both full stamina but when one is drained and the other is fresh legged why cant the fast fresh leg player beat the tired big cb.
Playing crazy over rated teams like Real Madrid, Barca and Bayern. Multiple games agaisnt Barca show that ineasta gets tired. Still with no stamina he sprints past people and powers through your tackles, all while he doesn't even have a red bar its that low.
Something has to be done as fifa slowly shifts away from a simulation game into a no skill(thanks to assisted controls) noob welcoming game. It's a shame
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