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  • I completely agree, in my current player career mode I have moved to Manchester United. I am playing in the striker position but United are continuing to buy strikers. Currently they have my player, Ibrahimovic, Rashford, Lukaku, Lacazette and Griezmann. This happened in FIFA 16 as well and the end result is the best strikers in the game not playing because they are never selected. Whatever system they are using to determine player transfers is completely flawed.
  • Completely agree mate. EA definetely should fix this, this is ruining the entire experience of playing career mode. I'm currently playing as Chelsea manager and Manchester United just signed Lacazatte and Lukaku...this is extremely unlikely to happen in real life and must not happen in the game as well.
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    It's a shambles to say the least.
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    Especially since it makes no sense whatsoever. I mean apart from the fact that United would not buy like 20 strikers but it makes no sense from another perspective: those teams would not sell their star players. We are not talking about some **** third world club playing for the golden raspberry. Why would Arsenal with a massive stadium, huge TV deals, qualified for the champions league and one of the favourites for the championship sell Özil? And why would they sell him for only 60 or 70 mio pounds when even a knob like Pogba cost 85?

    Why would Man City sell Aguero given that they have one of the best managers in the world, are building one of the most expensive and expansive club properties in the world, are qualified for the Champions League and a favourite to win the Championship?

    Why would Bayern sell someone like Alaba who is arguably the best wingback in the world by a mile at only 25 years old, has won about 100 championships with the team, came up through the youth ranks, has won the treble with the team and is basically in line to captain the squad in 2-3 years? Why would they sell Boateng, who is the co-captain of the German national side, one if not the best central defender in the world, one if not the best player on the Bayern Munich squad and has won the treble with the side?

    Why would Atletico sell Griezman or any of their stars? For crying out loud they are favourites to win La Liga and the Champions League and made it to the final twice. They are swimming in dough.

    And why would these teams buy those players? Why would United buy all those strikers? Why would Alaba move to the inferior Italian league to play for a team that Bayern regulary wipes its arse with whenever they play each other? Why would Boateng move to the EPL when there is no team apart from Arsenal that has managed to look good against Bayern in the last 8-10 years there and he hated living in England which he has stated time and time and time again? Why would Barcelona want Özil who plays no position whatsoever that they use in their system and why would Özil want to play with other players who would take away 90% of the touches he needs to make in impact? I mean what the hell would happen if you put Özil with Messi, Neymar, Iniesta and Rakitic?

    I mean I can see Everton losing Lukaku but any big team would NEVER EVER sell any of their star players for less than boat loads and those transfers do not consist of boatloads. 60 or 70 Mio for Özil is a bargain if you consider that his price 3 years ago was 43 Mio and he has been a world cup winner since and has had 3 seasons with like 20+ assists in the premier league, the most hostile league when it comes to playing the beautiful game. Bayern would never ever sell Alaba period and if they did, they would probably not sell him for less than 60 ot 70 Mio given that he is the only wingback of world class quality in the world on the left side. I mean they bought Hummels for like 40 mio why on earth would they sell Alaba for 10 more? Or Boateng for that matter? Prices for players like that need to be absolutely outrageous.

    I don't mind the A.I. doing those transfers but they need to cripple clubs for several seasons. Players like that would command easily 15-20 Mio in salary alone plus another 100-150 mio in transfers costs. Furthermore those prices need to effect the rest of the team by making the A.I. having to deal with disgruntled top players who want to be paid on scale with the newcomer so that you'd end up, in United's case, with about 10 players being paid between 10 and 15 Mio a season or have to endure an exodus of talent. Also there needs to be something in place that has the players check their actual place on the team. If you already have 3 strikers around the same strength the 4th would not come or would want to be paid 30 mio a year to sit on your bench and then you'd get back into the circle I have described before. So united would get Lewandowski who would earn 15 mio. Ibrahimovic and Rooney would therefore ask for the same as would Small and Mata, De Gea would probably ask for 20 Mio given that he is stronger than Lewandowski. So you'd end up with 5 players earning 15 mio a year and one earning 20 Mio plus hopefulls like Rashford and Martial would obviously howl to be transfered or earn at least 8-10 Mio. That would be 120 mio just in wages. Try adding Griezman who, like Lewandowski, would cost around 100 Mio and demand 30 mio to come. Again you'd have to up the whole thing and you would then go to 240 mio in wages and around 200 mio spend on transfers. That would **** up the club so bad that it would simply not recover. No other club would buy those players simply because no one would pay them what they demanded so you'd have to stick out the contract. Chances are the team sucks badly and ends up missing the European competitions which means you'd probably have a lower budget. After 2 years max the team would go into administration have the most expensive players released, which would eat up your budget for another 2 seasons and maybe even get relegated. This is the system that should be in place. I mean it doesn't have to come to that but that would be a cool way to simulate incompetent management. If the A.I. is rated highly enough it will simply not make those deals as it would be aware of the consequences if it isn't the outcome would be a destroyed club after 5 years tops. That would actually reflect the downfall of a lot of clubs with stupid owners and or management.
  • It has always been like this and it will never change. I'm starting to lose interest in this game. I have no interest to play online against people who throw money at their TV screen just to have some golden pixels on their screen.... I honestly believe that if EA would just care for a bit (we have enough games proving they don't) they would release an online game and an offline game. It's impossible to make these two together every year. At least one game is for their 'money grabbing policy' and the other to have fun with. Then they can even put a nice DLC sticker on it, that they like so much, to combine the two games.
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