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Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Career mode youth player commentary!

Is anyone else having problems with the commentators not saying the names of any youth players promoted.on fifa 16 it was only players scouted from south American or Africa regions that didn't work.on fifa 17 it is all regions so far.its annoying as it was more enjoyable promoting & using youth players in yr team and added a sense of realism to the game


  • Nope and its another sign of how lazy EA is with career mode.. They get millions of dollars from FUT, they could give 2 s***ts about offline gamers..
  • Anyone else had the same issue?the regen players that are available on free transfers wen u start a career mode game have there names spoken ( if their name is on the list on commentary names on create a player),it's so frustrating that u promote a player with a normal name & the commentator doesn't speak it!
  • mjtheslambam323
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    I have only two players promoted from youth squad and Martin Tyler cant say either name. In 16 i remember him saying a few names but not all you player names. We'll have to see if he can say any other names I will promote in future
  • Scoot
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    I've also noticed this. Needs to be looked into further
  • Last year near enough any region except south America,Africa the commentators would speak the player name,as long as it was in the list of names on create a player mode
  • Anyone else getting this problem?if so did they manage to fix it?
  • Even after the update the problem exists!
  • Was the problem finally fixed with Update 1.03?!
  • Heizuka
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    I play FIFA since 1993 and for the last years the scouted youth players who the commentator can say the name in variations (like Valencia, Anderson, Thuram, Samuel, Gerrard, etc.) was one of the important things in the game and now this. EA, what the hell! Fix it!
  • Its really frustrating a 90 level youth english player don't have a Commentary Name.. Very annoying when maximum players are in 90s n still 2 **** commentators just chat within themselves... Plz Fifa we all the Genuine buyers n customer of you, plz fix this issue, plzzzzz
  • can someone please help me? my youth academy menu is greyed out... i have scouted players, but how do i add them to my youth academy as currently if i sign them, they go to my main team?

    iv never bother with youth until NOW when its an objective.
  • No names here as well annoying since it makes the game feel less real.
  • Scoot
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    This was fine in fifa 15.. its baffling how something that works fine in an older game is not working/removed in a newer game. So weird. But it is Fifa so..
  • Caltson
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    There are alot of bugs in FIFA 17 happening too youth players only. This issue with the names not being spoken by the commentators, but also the bug that causes youth players to age from 16 to 57 is STILL present (was also present on FIFA 15 and FIFA 16)
    This bug only seems to occur on PS3 and Xbox 360 and is caused most likely by the birthdate. Youth players (computer generated) born in the year 2000 or later age to 56 or 57 after editing their appereance. Youth players born in 1999 or earlier do not suffer from the bug.
    Most likely FIFA 17 (and the earlier versions!) do only reconizes years from the last century and resets youth players from 2000 or later back to the earliest possible date in FIFA, which is 1960.

    The youth players retire the next season because they 'aged'. Just by changing their boots or shirt.
    Reported numerous of times by I-don't-know-how-many-players, but still not one response found from EA.

    Here's a screen that shows the bug happening to one of my own youth players after editing their appereance on PS3:

  • This issue still has not been fixed yet. EA don't care about career mode players, it's all about ultimate team now.
  • Caltson
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    I second that. Update 1.06 didn't fix much of the above mentioned issue(s)!
  • I have played FIFA career mode fore years. I don't bother with FUT. I have loved creating a youth only team with players whom the commentator can say their name... Anderson, Thomas, Rodriguez, Martins, Buxton... these are all names the commentator could say FIFA 15, 16... to my amazement, I'm FIFA 17, having built a youth only team, I got to play and there is NO commentary for extended periods as they can't say any of the player names, these are all English players! Please EA please look at this
  • Another patch and still not fixed, EA are aware of this problem as i spoke to support about this about 3 months ago and they said they were aware of this bug, this is so frustrating to us career mode players.
  • some of us reported this since October and nothing has been done this shows how EAfiet sports doesn't give a **** about offline mode give them a FUT bug issue and it will be fixed in hours
  • Decided to play career mode again and this issue still hasn't been fixed yet, ea are a joke of a company.
  • What do you think? Is this bug fixed in FIFA 18?
  • Exactly the same in fifa 18 no youth player commentary again. spoke to EA support about it but they were useless as usual.
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