Lag and button delay thread

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A continuation from the fifa 16 forum.

Got bad news.
As some of you may know movistar spain change tier 1 suppliers just over a month ago to telia and gameplay got quite a bit better.

But when playing pes online yesterday something wasnt right.
Was getting button delay compared to my previous session a few days earlier.

So ran some tests.
Voipreview didnt show up much.
1st test showed 83% upload consistency which wasnt good.
An hour or so later it showed up at 95%.

pingplotter showed up the change in tier 1 supplier...tcore.
nodes dont change anymore so if a route gets congested your stuck with it
icmp packet loss is around 10% on one of their busy routers....not good

that suggests its a busy node so they have to kick out packets.
if they treat p2p badly they will be either kicking out upto 10% or those packets will be getting queued rendering them useless.

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  • neefaskru2
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    They know about this shi.tty delay making the game unplayable to some % of ppl. Still they r ****.ting about our IPS fault. Told me 2 times that packet loss is on my side, but everyone knows it's their fkin problem
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    packet loss is bad.

    if it does show up on the uotrace they have a point.

    that wont be the only problem.

    bad routing for p2p and congested teir 1 networks will cause problems.

    the latter being my problem.

    telia were great.
    changing routes when things got congested....finding the best route at that particular moment.

    uncharted has gone downhill for me.
    fifa 16 reverted back to pre telia.
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