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Corners/Crossing are more effective than penalties atm, Its ridiculous. I would have rather paid 90$ for an upgraded fifa 16. This game has more scripting than FIFA 16 the scripting is unreal in this game. Goalkeepers are stupid, i swear every goalkeeper i buy rebounds the ball and does a neck stall once in-awhile like they are all 5 star skillers. Every striker feels like they are all the same pace or just really sluggish and in general players feel sluggish. I am praying for that first patch.

Inb4 git gud


  • i'm suffering from all those things you mentioned! the scripting in this game is unbelievable!

    I feel the game literally fighting me to lose just because i decided that i won't open a single pack this year cuz they are a total rip-off .. and i actually didn't and I built my whole squad from just playing seasons and trading my non-wanted anymore cards!


    1) crosses are soooo OP and abused by everyone

    2) High Pressure tactics are OP and also abused .. and you can't keep up unless you do high pressure as well!

    3) SHOTS FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX ARE RIDICULOUS.. every single time i defend perfectly and lock my opponent outside my box .. he just helplessly shoots from stupid distances and actually scores .. at LEAST 80% of the time! what the hell should i do more than preventing him from touching the grass inside my box?? deploy armed drones flying around?? WTF!

    they better release a patch to fix this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ up quickly
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