Favorite commentary line

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What has been your favorite commentary line from current or previous FIFAs mine has to be "he's beaten the wall he's beaten the goalie but unfortunately he's also beaten the post."


  • ZeFeZ
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    "They're passing like it's a computer game"

    Are you even serious?
  • Campino
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    I hate all of the commentary

    Especially the bit where they bang on about going to see the "talented guys at EA"
  • Edu
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    PelEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The king of Football.
  • LeonidasJB
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    "it's like a video game the way the ball came back to him". Well something like that, usually as the AI taps in a rebound
  • A Very Pretty Man
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    Whenever they talk about momentum
  • JimmyVulmer
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    "WEAH!!" - Martin Tyler
  • DarthGrowler
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    Greee ezzz man
  • Edu
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    Offline when the AI start parking the bus.
    0-0 the CPU start to annoys you parking the bus.
  • Flipsyde
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    That bit when they talk about the World Cup a lot when a specific player gets the ball.
  • rblue
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    the same line im applying to my history exam tommorow: you've got to buy a ticket to win the lottery
  • Pugzilla
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    "He is going to get his message across the ref..."


    "The referee is not going to stand any nonsense..."

    After some fouls, always gets me smiling.
  • Shane
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    the one I hate most is:

    "STURRRRRIDGGGGGEEE!" because it usually means I'm about to conceed a stupid goal
  • Dan is Clutch
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    "I've had the misfortune of losing a semi"
  • Diggy
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    When the commentator calls Thierry (H)enry 'Henry'

    Actually that will be sadly missed unless....
  • Azof
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    Bacary Sagna with a strong tackle
  • MikeM
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    Clive Tyldesley - He was aiming for the corner, of the goal ... not the stand.
    Clive Tyldesley - They're not waving the white flag just yet, but they are unfurling it.
    Clive Tyldesley - The morning papers describe this as a friendly match, we'll see how friendly it is when the first tackles start flying in.
    John Motson (FIFA96) - And the virtual players go down the virtual tunnel, I wonder what happens to them when they get in there?
    John Motson - And like an archaeologist, this keeper's career is in ruins.
    Andy Gray - I said he was on a rocky peg, rocks for brains. (after a player is sent off)
  • La flama blanca
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    The way they say "sol Campbell" when he wins a header from a corner
  • Benjog88
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    "I've had the misfortune of losing a semi"

    it almost softens the blow of being knocked out of the cup that line, gets me every time
  • NejvetsiBorec
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    The line with the momentum.

    Its usually followed by at least 20 minutes in which I cant play a simple pass, miss all my tackles and fail all my first touches.
  • Dan is Clutch
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    Benjog88 wrote: »
    "I've had the misfortune of losing a semi"

    it almost softens the blow of being knocked out of the cup that line, gets me every time
    Definitely mate! I'm annoyed at myself for losing and then Alan Smith comes out with that line and it just makes it all worth it. :D
  • Freestyle
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    *Keeper catches the weakest of shots*
    "This is one of his best ever saves!"
  • FRSM00
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    It was like Alan Smith in his prime.
  • The one about the world cup.... :pensive:
  • LeonidasJB
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    "they thought they where just being patient, but they where actually being laxidazical(I think it is spelt something like that)"
  • Karma
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    always great to hear on fifa.


    would you believe it!!!


    every other goal henry scored which left commentators struggling to find superlatives.
  • "I've missed a few of those in my days" after an empty net tap in
  • Nicholas Man
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    Whenever Ljungberg scores, which is very rare for me.
    "That's a Freddie Ljungberg Goal!"
    It's what I look forward to when I play.
  • EGY-Aviatorz
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    Here it is
    Leicester about to take a penalty , to ensure they go to wembley for the playoff finale

    Commentator : Leicester City go to Wembley , and its the end for Watford ....[/quote]

    * some silence *

    Commentator : Knockaert Takes , Almunia Saves ... ALMUNIA SAVES AGAIN !

    * fans go mad *

    Commentator : Absoluetly Astonishing

    Commentator : Now Here Come Watford

    Commentator : Forestieri..

    Commentator : HERE'S HOGG !


    Commentator : Do not scratch your eyes! You are really seeing the most extraordinary finish here!

    Commentator : It Almost Mirrors the Final Day !

    * just noticed ur asking about FIFA commentary ._. *
  • MemphisDepay
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    The whole story about him scoring against his loaned club Arsenal. Such a useless line that i laugh at it
  • Remify
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    "The FUT division 1 title is only 3 points away. Winning it is the highest honor for an online FIFA player."

    Or something along those lines, don't remember what they say exactly.
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