Athletic Blitz Trialing [XB1]

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I'm starting a new club and looking to trial player's for every position in a 4-3-3.

A brain is required to trial as you will need to adapt to the playstyle i will be trying to achieve.

There will be much experimenting going on too, Playing with an ANY or not etc..

I will be looking to make the team competitive eventually so i'm only looking for people who actually want a fulltime club.

Playing times are at any point between 11am - 10pm.(GMT) I work early morning's so im on and off throughout the day. When there are enough members i have no problem with people playing when im not on which is usually after 10pm and the odd day in the week when im away.

Not looking for angry player's as there will be no blame game, Playstyle will probably take time to adapt too and if there is a team full of brainz, there should be no problem to moan at people for not passing etc.

Inbox here or Message on xbox: rG china
club: Athletic Blitz
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