Can someone help me..

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I really like most of the game this year but i have one major problem, and that is that almost every corner that my opponent gets is goes is. Its on fut/seasons/career mode i must been doing something wrong, but i dont really can find out how to defend corners anywhere.
Hopefully someone has any good tips


  • Momalpas123
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    Corners are much harder to defend this year but way easier to attack. Timing your jump and denying space has a lot to do with at least putting the opponent off.

    They're too east to score from but love the changes besides that.
  • rensstyle
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    At what point do you press the shoot/head button?
  • Your problem is either you're not bringing the keeper out..or you are. You may be not bringing him out to protect it or bringing him out when he has no chance. Failing need better players who can win a header as yours may be to small or weak.
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