I want an option to turn back transfers made by the computer

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I understand that it's nearly impossible to write a code for realistic transfers in the career mode. That's why I think it would be a good idea to add an option on the end of each one to turn some of them back. Sure, some people would use this to strengthen their own squad (it should be possible though to exclude the team managed from the receiving teams), but who really cares since it's an offline mode?

I'm just tired of following the transfermarked in order to bid on players I don't even want just to make sure they don't leave their current team. One or two major transfers per period is ok, but in my current career mode I have the following:

Vardy to Chelsea (he'll be striker number 3)
Özil to Bayern (why would he leave Arsenal?)
Alaba to Juventus (they allready have 3 left backs)
Lacazette and Lukaku to Man U (they allready have Zlatan, Rashford and Martial)
Can to Tottenham (no need for him there)
Varane and Laporte to Arsenal (they just bought Mustafi)


  • Wouldn't be impossible to code. I mean just make the teams concentrate on areas they need player not buying 2 keepers or having 6 strikers. Have them buy someone if they sell someone or if they have a player who has been poor all season
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