Overhead , turn back , overhead, turn back, overhead.....

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Ok so we have all established that the A.I in this years pro clubs is ridiculous ,but there's 2 things that stick out the most that are worse then everything else.

Overhead passes
Every time we (me or friend team mate) are running down the wing with absolutely nobody near us or in any space in general and we call for a through ball , the A.I will lob pass to purposefully give it to the opposition or make it hard to control for no reason. Why do they keep doing high balls?

Turning back.
No matter the tactics/mentality settings , the A.I will always turn back towards our goal 9/10 times. Its infuriating when losing 0-1 , with 15 mins left , having evey thing on counter attack , all out attack but the A.I hold he ball in space and turn backwards rather then moving forward.

I could list about 20+ things but these 2 have been the most infuriating at the moment.

I just dont get why EA do this.

My advice to EA. Take a few years off from FIFA and gather a development team that will put in the love and dedication that 2K do with their NBA franchise. NBA2K17 is the best sports game out, i love it and i dont even watch basketball.

FIFA 17 clearly wasn't ready to come out , i wont even start on the bugs with the traits and skill progression.

Sort Pro Clubs out EA. Football fans deserve better than this.

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