Cheaters playing on PC

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edited October 2016
Sadly there are a lot of cheaters on PC; drafts, seasons etc. If you look at top 100 points earned at seasons you can see almost everyone finished 45+ seasons in just 3 days. That's almost impossible. I could understand if only 1 or 2 guys achieve this but everyone is in same achievement at top 100. Drafts are almost impossible to play since 3 out of 4 matches we face with cheaters. At least fut champions eliminations are cheater-free. I'm afraid that we will face with cheaters at weekend league aswell. If 2000 players achieve 25 wins and gets maximum prizes how do you expect us to compete with them with that gap between us and cheaters ? Cheating was a problem at FIFA 16 and you didn't do anything about that. I hope you will do something about that this time since you bring something more competitive to the game, before they ruin the game completely.


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