When squad building becomes a joke

Any tym7
1397 posts Professional


Seriously whats the point of doing this buying worthless players at max to discard so you can recieve a loan card worst part is there selling too so stupid


  • Otis
    3575 posts National Call-Up
    it's very silly although I'm hoping it'll settle down soon (I'm sure it won't though)
  • Any tym7
    1397 posts Professional
    They will go. BAck to 200 coins one day after the del piero squad build challange finishes until then you want that loan card get ready to pay 80 k plus whateva the other 3 squads cost you no loan card is worth that not even pele
  • LeBurr
    454 posts Sunday League Hero
    They messed up the Sydney one for sure... should've done min 2/3 Sydney players.

    Oh well, just need to not be that person who's actually paying 10k for them. Or buy some bronze packs and hope you pull one...
  • DaveSaves
    20137 posts Club Captain
    I'm hoping the nearer the end it gets, people will start to undercut each other and they'll come down to a lower price.

    The other two barely cost me anything so I'm not massively worried. But this is going to be a problem all year.
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