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Stars United, was established on the 30. of October 2010. Having a relatively successful first year with the top achievement entering the top 10 worldwide rankings on PC. We are back (again).

After several years we decided to move on from our hard training to enjoy the game for what it is. This is basically a fresh start from the ground up. While it isn't as hard as it was before, it isn't by any means relaxed. There is still a winning mentality around the club. That said, fun is a priority!

- Requirements -
  • Being mature person (16+ years old, preferably).
  • Living in Europe or somewhere else, but if you're living outside of Europe you need good internet. Keep in mind our timezone is GMT.
  • Decent understanding of English language.

If you mee the requirements, please fill in the application form below.

- Application -
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • EA ID Name:
  • Playing times:
  • Overall rating:
  • Playing position(s):
  • Additional information:

Applicants will be added through Origin where we will have a trial of several games. Good luck! :)

Kind Regards,
Stars United Management
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  • Rhei
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    - Application -
    • Age: 22
    • Country: Romania
    • EA ID Name: Rheigah
    • Playing times: I work from home from 6:00pm to 11:00pm (GMT+ 3). Outside those hours I'm usually available to play
    • Overall rating: 86
    • Playing position(s): CDM (main position), CM, LM/RM, LW/RW, CAM
    • Additional information: I live in Romania but I'm not romanian and speak english fluently. Just thought I might point that out. I'll actually leave a link here to what I'm looking for a club, so that might give you more info about me
  • Hey @Rhei, thanks for applying! Reading your post you actually would be a great fit to the club. The only problem we might have are the playing times. We mostly play in the evening (sorry should have mentioned it) - we are still quite small at the moment. If you want, we can try to set it up, but if you don't want to join, no probs.
  • Rhei
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    @Snake : We'll I wouldn't mind giving it a try. And for my hours, even though I can't play much, I can actually play a few matches between 6:00pm and 11:00pm (GMT+ 3).
  • Will add you later today then!
  • Age: 25
    Country: Brazil
    EA ID Name: alex-elric14
    Playing times: between 4pm - 11pm (GMT)
    Overall rating: 91/93
    Playing position(s): GK/CB
    Additional information: I looking for a club to play on my free time, as you can see, i live in Brazil but have a good internet to play in Europe Servers.
  • Snake
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    Will add you tomorrow. :)
  • AhmedOzil
    38 posts Last Pick at the Park
    EA ID Name: EGY-OziL
    Playing times: 7-8 PM >>> 10-11 PM GMT
    Overall rating: 87
    Playing position(s):CDM , CM ,CAM
    Additional information: i like pass playing not skills and so .. i have been playing pro clubs since fifa 13 so i got a good experience .. goodluck ^^
  • Just started the pro clubs again after not playing last years got back into it and need a good clubs who play football instead of run shoot run shoot run shoot ... the life of drop in matches ayy

    country: UK
    Origin/EA ID: wooldogOP/IWOOLLEYI
    play times : mixed I work nights sometimes but mostly 7pm-11pm
    overall: 83
    play position: RW, LW, RM. LM, CAM, CM(L/R)

    additional: I'm a big winger and love crossing but at the moment haven't had much luck getting points up due to drop in games so few more games ill get my stats sorted properly then ill be a solid winger if needed.
  • Added @AhmedOzil and @WooldogOP on Origin. I also sometimes forget to invite you to the club if it takes a while for the origin request to go through, just message me then!
  • Age: 25
    Country: United Kingdom
    EA ID Name: Exorcist
    Playing times: Sat: All day/evening/night, Sun: 5pm-early morning, Mon: 9pm-11pm, Tues: 5pm-early morning, Wed: 9-11, Thurs: 5pm-early morning, Fri: All day/evening/night.
    Overall rating: 88
    Playing position(s): Any (main), can literally play anywhere asked pretty fine, due to being an Any.
    Additional information: Mature, know when to have a little laugh, play with my good friend LickableBush. Sorry for the specific times, I work shifts for the time being, so those times are pretty accurate.

  • - Application -
    Age: 24
    Country: UK
    EA ID Name LickableBush:
    Playing times: Free from 4pm About 12
    Overall rating: 90 At CB And 89 At Striker
    Playing position(s): Striker And CB - Main Positions Wouldn't mind playing CAM
    Additional information: I enjoy playing CB And Striker Although i could play CAM also. Like to win and have a laugh. don't really know what else to say might just copy and paste my tinder profile xD


    Also Have a Mic/Discord
  • Age: 27

    Country: England

    EA ID Name: I21I-AddicT

    Playing times: 7-10pm 5 nights out of 7 and most weekends

    Overall rating: 92

    Playing position(s): CDM, LCM, CAM, RW, ST ( Preferred position RW or ST )

    Additional information: Very experienced player at a high level, been playing since Fifa 12, happy to communicate through TS, Discord or whatever. Happy in all positions listed above. Very active player who loves Pro Clubs, it is the best game mode.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  • Added. We got quite a decent roster at the moment (9), but willing to add more to the club for a bigger availability of playing time. Especially because a few of us have been busy.
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