Legendary is too easy.



  • I agree legendary is so so easy they need to make a harder difficulty I think the ultimate level would be perfect for Kick of and seasons it would make it a lot more enjoyable and a lot more people would play it. There is no fun in winning every game with the worst team in the league EA SORT OUT CAREER MODE
  • eterpes
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    just bumping this to see what people's thoughts are now, whether anything has changed in the subsequent patches since the thread was last active? To me, it doesn't seem so. I only bought the game at the start of this month, and I'm playing with the latest update, but all the complaints here still seem to ring true. I went the lowest rated team in the lowest english league on legendary difficulty, but easily won the league, and i've just quit halfway through the second season, as i was top again! While I actually quite enjoyed some of the passing moves and stuff I could put together, particularly in the second season, it was pretty dull overall due to the lack of challenge from the cpu. Trying to gradually improve the team with a small budget, wheeling and dealing, all felt redundant as i got the feeling i could have just made it all the way to the premier league with the exact same team!

    Strangely, the cpu did go through a brief period of being ruthless in front of goal and banging 25 yarders in, but generally it has been inept going forward. I used to get extremely angry on the old fifas when I lost to legendary, but nowadays i almost want it to happen, just to keep some realism, and that's just ridiculous really.

    I'm a solid player and understand the nuances of the game, but I'm hardly the world's best. I shouldn't be able to beat 'legendary' when barely even trying. This really needs sorting for fifa 18.
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    I'm not so sure about it being really easy. I'm a good player online (div 1 fut and always gold or elite FUT champs) and I win some games easily in career but others I struggle quite alot. I'm playing with Palermo and I find I really have to work hard to break down the opposition alot of the time.

    I lost quite heavily to Juve as well recently and I think the level of challenge isn't too bad really. I find the top teams to be quite tough and I even lost 1 0 to Crotone.
  • Rogerio8
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    Halfway though the season in Serie A note with Palermo finally breaking into the top half of the table but it's still tough!
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    I don't think it has changed much, although the opposition teams do seem to have more attacking AI than about 4 months ago. I have Operation Sports CTT programmed in, and shot miss down to 10% for the CPU, so maybe that is why teams do occasionally score against me. I think my goal ratio for one season with Dortmund was 216 for, 30 against. You still get the random OP team attacks at times where opposition GK is phenomenal, you hit the wood work almost every shot, and they easily score. Biggest challenge in the game actually is to break teams like that down, and being able to win those games
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    Couldn't agree more, FIFA 17 is disgracefully easy to defend in :( As soon as the AI crosses the midfield, they become utterly useless! I stopped playing FIFA 17 after only about 2 months, simply because there was absolutely no challenge in it. The AI does a realistic enough job on there own half and when defending, but offer NO challenge what so ever when "attacking" you.
    How can EA listen to some ❤️❤️❤️❤️ asking for the game to be easier on legendary?????? Those ❤️❤️❤️❤️ can just put the game on a lower difficulty.... Fix the AI ability to attack or the game is useless. FIFA 18 will be the first FIFA game since 98 that i don't buy if they don't improve the AI attack. Simply not worth playing FIFA when so easy :(
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    In my experience, changing CPU marking slider to anything close to 70-75 makes CM (legendary or world class) very challenging
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    Glad to see FIFA 18 is the same, yay! I love beating Chelsea 3-0 away from home with Brentford! Realism at its finest.
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