The CPU never fouls in offline play

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I know most of the online players won't care about this thread, but I play offline a lot and in many ways the gameplay is superior to the last few years. But I've now completed divisions 10 and 9 offline as well as playing the TOTW a few times and I'm shocked by the lack of CPU fouls. This is a problem every year, but it just seems way worse in 17.
I actually tracked the CPU tackles/fouls in my last 5 matches:

Match 1: 14/1
Match 2: 8/0
Match 3: 6/0
Match 4: 16/0
Match 5: 17/0

5 matches: 61 tackles and 1 foul!

I generally like the gameplay so far, but I find the lack of fouls to be totally frustrating. I only recall being awarded one free kick in all of the offline games I've played - and I think that was from something like 40 yards from goal. Is there a secret to drawing a foul that I'm missing? I've try shielding, which is effective, but doesn't draw any fouls. I've tried some skilling but that doesn't seem to work either.


  • uNko
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    I agree. It gets beyond a joke really. The only time the computer fouls is if they are behind with roughly 10 minutes to go, they'll start playing aggressively.

    Sometimes it amazes me that I'm not getting fouls when they literally bump me into the grand stands and get the ball. I do the same and its an immediate foul.

    They really need to up the foul count a touch in single player seasons online at least.
  • JGCramp
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    Good to know I'm not nuts. It's like they maxed out CPU strength, aggression, reactions, interceptions, tackling, etc., and then programmed the game so there are no fouls. I played 2 more matches: 28 tackles and 0 fouls. So in my last 7 matches that 89 CPU tackles and 1 foul.

    It's made what should be a great offline game really unenjoyable.
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