Ranked matches have been ruined for years

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I play ranked matches because it used to be great quality matches with a wide variety of opponents. In recent years all i ever get to play against is RM, Barca and Bayern. All of which are the most overrated teams in the game. I constantly loose to these teams with players whom can't string together an offense, or not to mention their terrible connection. Generally the connection this year has been MUCH better than years past, the game play is great as well.
My biggest problem with people choosing these overrated teams is that they rate them just as good as many international squads. Being a fan of the sport, unlike the current fifa generation, I actually played and appreciate "the beautiful game". Playing one of the terrible 3 results is lucky bounces for my opponent.
I just fisnished a match in which I dominated the game and strung together a much better flow, midfield build up and all. Their only offense consisted of missed passes that would bounce ONLY to their team. I would read the play to intercept the ball and then my player would settle the ball so far away it was like they were passing it to the opponent.
The worst part about playing these terrible 3 is that I NEVER use them. I do not agree if you can't beat em join em, I will win a bout 30% of my matches against these guys however they will ALWAYS get one lucky goal because of how crazy over rated their team is. Players like Ronaldo/Neymar and other NOT PHYSICALLY STRONG players seem to run over players such as Giroud.
I have to say i miss the old days where I could see whom someone was choosing. The last time you could see who people were playing as I was ranked as the #1 full manual player in the US. Top 20 in the world(I forget the number). When I would see someone had such a lack of imagination that they choose the best team, I used to choose one of my favorite international squads. Many players would than quit because they didn't want to play a team of equal caliber, which is why they choose the terrible 3.
Everyone has their reasons for choosing the terrible 3, I have heard them all...if you are one of these people YOU are apart of the problem. Start being creative and playing with worse teams, your fifa game will elevate. I have challenged many opponents to an weaker team match-up and they ALWAYS loose because they do not have overrated players to get lucky bounces.


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