Youth Squad Players Ageing from 16/17 to 56/57 after Editing. ‎ For old gen (PS3/360)

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In the last two years your youth squad players become very old if you edit the in career mode after the first season. Does some one make a different experience this year?


  • mjtheslambam323
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    Yaa that was one of the biggest glitches ever in FIFA. I have a XboxOne and that problem doesnt exists. U may have to upgrade systems to get away from that glitch
  • Caltson
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    The bug is still present on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
    I suppose upgrading is running away from the issue rather than solving it.
    If I want to upgrade my system, I would do so to enjoy the features of the new system instead of running away from (unattended) bugs on the old system.

  • Happening in 18 and on next gen as well.
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