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Fifa 17 does not feel exciting .

75 posts Park Captain
The first Fifa I played was Fifa 12 and I was amazed at how the players played with both feet when on the ball. And then came the PS4 and EA released Fifa 14 and oh my! I was blown away! Fifa 14 is the best Fifa I have ever played, even though headers were overpowered, it was just too much fun, the switch to the Ignite engine, made that year a year to remember!
Fast forward 3 years later and now we have Fifa 17 and EA has switched to the Frostbite bite engine but for some reason, i'm not getting that much excitement as I did with Fifa 14 and I don't know why, well maybe it could be:-
1) The input delay when shooting and passing the ball
2) The Lightening of the game being so good yet it looks so bland
3) Messi and the best players in the world are still too easy to disposes (Legendary is too easy, they simply is no brain when the AI plays)
4) The Hexagonal attribute display for keepers still hasn't been fixed (Nitpick)
5) Penalty system
6) Or maybe its EA Telling me your days in offline modes are numbered, why not switch to a better game mode like Ultimate Team,
Well, for whatever it is, i'll still keep playing the game, maybe at some point i'll get my fun back.


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