Please patch radar kit colors

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You have a kit with some white (like only shorts), mostly blue. Opponent has a white kit. Both are displayed white on the radar.

Same goes with kits like green and black which are totally fine to identify at the players but will be a similar color on the radar.

Don't know what happened from last year. Of course there were different colored kits with the same color on the radar but this year so many kits are shown as the same color.


  • Geefiasco
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    This needs to be fixed asap.

    I play as QPR in Career Mode and their kit is 70% white and 30% blue, yet the radar colour is DARK Blue, wtf?

    Every time I play against teams with dark kits the radar becomes useless.

    I have found most teams have appalling radar colours too.
  • Hallucination
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    Yup . That's why I wear green kits now.
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