Need help trading..

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Hey guys, hope all is going well.

I've been doing trading for years, but I've only ever made little money, and I don't really have a proper method, Infact, I have none at all...

Could anyone recommend a method to me? It can be a low profit method, that's cool! I have 2-3k.



  • Crowie
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    You need more than 2-3k to be honest.

    Simple method - buy 10-15 of a popular player in a popular league, doesn't have to be expensive, just play for a big club....and list him for higher than he should be.

    An example from last season.....Jack Wilshere.....could pick him up for 800c-1k, sold for 1.8-1.9k. Wilshere was at Arsenal, plays in BPL, is English. So appeal on a few fronts.

    The key is to have a big transfer list, relist as often as you can and re-stock as soon as you sell a player.

    Its a slow grind but many, note not all, players are lazy and never scroll past the first page of a player they are wanting to buy.
  • Mos
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    Ah sweet, cheers.
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