playstation account with fifa17

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im new to ps4, i was looking for a cheap fifa17 and i found that is a lot cheaper buying a account with fifa 17, which seems weird

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  • Tue69
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    It's not legit. Usually it's a scam where they sell the same account several time.

    When one of the buyers activiate the account as the primary one, others will loose access.
  • What True69 said.. When you buy these accounts you get the login information to a "cracked" account which belongs to someone else. When you activate the account as your primary account the rightful owner is then locked out of his own console and can not regain access for the next 6 months. Its a cheap and shady way of getting games and you risk a console ban if you are really unlucky.
  • l_TheDren_l
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    ok, thanks
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