Difficulty Level Bug

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Has anyone else noticed that when playing a single player FUT season game or tournament game, that the game defaults to your overall difficulty setting (selected from the main game menu) and not the indicated difficulty level for that match?

For example, playing in the Starter Cup single player tournament, which has a difficulty level of amateur, the CPU is actually playing on world class since that is what I selected from the main menu screen. It's very obvious that they're not playing on the amateur level.

Anyone else notice this before they took FUT down last night?


  • Uberman
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    Happened to me today - Saw it just as i pressed play except its default professional for me

  • Clearly a bug. You can change the Difficulty Level in Game Settings for the match too (which helps while waiting for them to notice and fix it), so FUT is working like non-FUT.
  • DarthGrowler
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    Any ways to exploit this for higher level tourneys?
  • On second thoughts, looks like it may be a 'feature', rather than a bug. While you can change the Difficulty Level, you can't go below the one shown in the fixture list. So I was defaulting to World Class, but could change to Professional or Semi-Pro where the fixture list said 'Semi-Pro'. When the fixture list says 'Professional' I can only change to Professional (or higher).
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