Best people to invest in for the game release?

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I have got Hazard hoping he will go up :D


  • Muzza11
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    did it again :P sorry
  • C o b r a
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    Cuadrado, was around 10k yesterday. Last year, one day after release, he skyrocketed to 40k
  • MisterRux
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    Mahrez maybe
  • Sercs
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    good call, I think lower rated very regular pack pulls will consistently go down from here but I think the higher end (ones people are selling those lower rated pulls to buy) should go up..

    thinking neymar, robben, bale, hazard, aguero etc
  • M98H
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    Bought Suarez (530k) and Reus (130k) to use and have risen a fair bit it seems, still isn't late to invest in the high end players imo, but all have increased from last weekend it seems
    If recommend snipingvthem in Thursday and Friday night UK time
  • DadBod
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    Guys i know this has been asked a lot of times but i hope someone can help me on this..

    I opened 12k fp and got:

    If cavani (still in my club)
    Coutinho (still in my club)
    Douglas costa (still in my club)
    Oblak (still in my club)
    Firmino, mane, stones, bellerin, de rossi (all sold)

    Now i have 100k coins after playing 10 online season games and plus the mentioned players still in my club.. I can play more games later and tomorrow before the uk release and maybe i can get the likes of reus, dybala, etc.

    Should i get one of the expensive players during uk release?
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