Anfield Upgraded?

So, on the Journey, when you select your team you want to play as Alex Hunter with, on Liverpool it says Anfield 54,000 when the in game stadium is the old 45,000! So i don't know if it is a glitch or it hasn't been added in yet. Or due to the fact PES 2017 has Anfield rights. Anyway any info would be greatly appreciated.


  • They seem really quiet on this. Will be poor if it doesn't get the upgrade in it.
  • mcclarse
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    Won't have anything to do with PES. They couldn't have any version of Anfield if that were the case. They still have exclusive EPL partnership. It will be pretty shameful if the update doesn't get patched. Shameful enough they dropped the ball with Barca and the Nou Camp. Was probably over a petty amount of money too. They failed to license Iceland because they only offered $10k. FUT by itself made them over half a billion last year. Again, shameful.
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