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Selling players

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Am I right in thinking the best time to sell players is once the game is out? I am on PS4 and got Ben Arfa in one of my "welcome back" packs. shall i sell him now or wait till next week?



  • Cody22775
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    Wait coz more ppl will drive his price up
  • It comes down to how you play the game. If your a good trader then the early capital will yield you more than the profit you make by just sitting on the card. That's if you have time patience and luck to trade
  • Andytangerine
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    I would say i am an average trader but struggle before the game is out! i will hang on to him and maybe sell my lower value players.. with the daily rewards will give me 5-10k to trade. never get it how people do it before the game is playable
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