What will you do with your FP on release?

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I'm weighing up what to do with my FP on release. I always want to just splurge on 7.5k packs, but 99% of them will be useless. With the SBCs now at least I can get some use out of the discard players, however I feel like the optimal use of my FP might be to just dump it all into draft.

I'm a decent player and in 16 my draft record is winning 4 in a row in about 1 of every 3 entries. That should net me a much better return than splurging it all on 7.5k packs no? Or should I play it safe and grind offline? Help me make up my mind.


  • Acker
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    After reading the Xbox section the prizes of winning draft seem way better this year

    someone received 2 packs 1 players and 1 35K pack and 35K coins
    and another 1 x 100K pack and 35K coins

  • miri
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    Nice. Looking more and more like draft then!
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