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So my son pre-ordered FIFA and has EA Access, he had Fifa 16 and played FUT.

Started playing early access last night but it didn't recognise his FUT team from FIFA 16, he had to create a new team. Is this normal for early access users? He also can't get onto Web app as gets the message "Sorry, EA Access trial users do not have access to the Web App, purchase a full copy of FIFA 17", have tried web app both on computer and IOS and same message.

Anyone else with the same issues (main concern is that he had to create a new club and didn't receive any loyalty packs, he can manage without web app for a week but doesn't want to play FUT for then have to start again when early access finishes!).


  • shepj6
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    Apologies, just seen the megathread at the top of the forum, probably should've posted in there!
  • oMagico
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    With regards to the message on the web app, you need to make sure he's left ultimate team on the actual game and gone into a separate game mode, in doing so that notifies the web app and then he *should* be able to log in.Alternatively you can wait for a while until the message disappears.

    I personally didn't have to create a new club, although I'm sure others on here will have experienced that.Get in here and his this fella out people! :wink:
  • shepj6
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    Thanks oMagico, he'd physically turned the xbox off last night and unplugged it when he tried web app. I've just tried it again for him now while I'm at work (and hopefully he is at school so nowhere near his xbox) :smile: and still the same.

    I play on PC and have full access to the web app and I'm downloading the Origin Access trial today, so I'm hoping I won't see the same issue in starting with a new club!
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