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web app transfer market

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When I go onto the transfer market on the web app it says that I need to play on the ps4 to unlock it. Is anyone else having this issue and does anyone know how to fix it? thanks.


  • gulsmurf22
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    Having same issue :/
  • Having the same issue! Spoke to EA on live chat and they simply told me: "that isn't an error message, this is just information that he needs to play the game on the console in order to use the webapp. that's a studio decision, we cannot modify this."

    I've played the FUT WebApp at launch since the beginning on FIFA 14 but been using the webapp on various accounts since FIFA 12... I thought that last year was bad with the WebApp simply just not loading for anyone but to then have it not load properly for most people and then to have it load but not allow access to the Transfer Market this year is even worse!

    Can this be sorted out please ASAP EA.... Very, very annoying and already giving bad 1st impressions on the game for me.
  • InteractiveDsgr
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    That EA rep is misleading you. I had the same message this morning and this afternoon I can access the Transfer Market.

    Its just a waiting game.
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