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  1. No Bench Start
    I don't know why do you not add this feature. this is basic of basics.
    It's in the Journey. But It's not in player career????
  2. Old Growth System
    Growth system is changed in pro club. But Growth system is still same accomplishment system in player career.
  3. No Term of Contract
    Term of contract, renewing contract, free agent and wage negotiation are needed.
  4. No Manager's Order
    Manager's order can notice my role in match.
    When tactics is changed, Manager's order is especially needed.
    Manager feedback is good addition. But Tactical order is also needed.
  5. No Tranfer History
    Tranfer history is only in Manager Mode. Why?
  6. Lack of Data
    No National team statistics. No Team data like honours. And No storing other players' statistics. No statistics of other leagues.
    I want to know other players career and top scorer of other leagues.
    But There is nothing in FIFA.
    • Other Leagues Data Example
      • Top Scorer
      • Top Assists
      • Clean Sheet
      • Booking
      • Tournament tree of cup tournament
    • Team data(Club and National team) Example
      formation, players data, honours, season results etc.. season results example
    • Players data(Club and National team) Example
      teams(belonged and belonging), apps, goals, assists, hounours etc...
      Ex)Alexis Sanchez Wikipedia
      Player stat
      Player stat(club)
      Player stat(national team)

  7. Limited News Reading
    Only 6 items of news each category. It's too small.
    If I simulate few days, A number of transfer news is disappered in tranfer window.
    Hardware is advaned. News storage also must be advanced.
  8. No Personal Prize
    Player of the year in Europe, FIFA Ballon d'Or.
  9. Lack of National Teams
    The number of National Team is really really small.
    Europe teams are 27 teams, South America teams are 10 teams. Other 4 continent teams are just 11 teams! :lol:
    It's too small. Teams in Other 4 continent can't play WC qualifier and Cup tournament.
  10. No Raking System
    National Team Raking
    It's influence to groupe drawing of world cup, WC qualifying.
    Europe League Ranking
    It's influence to the number of qualified team in european cup.
  11. Removed Sorting in League table
    Sorting was My favorite feature of rubbishy Career Mode.
    But It is gone.
    Sorting is in Last-gen FIFA.
  12. Wrong League Schedule
    23px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg.pngAllsvenskan: March-Early April – late October-early November
    23px-Flag_of_Norway.svg.pngNorwegian Premier League March – November
    23px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.pngLeague of Ireland March – October
    These are reallife Schedule.
    But These 3 leagues are started in August and ended in May in Career Mode!
    It's really unrealistic. It prove that Dev don't care a bit about these leagues.
    I'm really disappointed.
    They are just annoyed to reflect real schedule of non-big leagues.
  13. Unrealistic Substitution
    Devs always keep to 7 bench players only in FIFA.
    But Bench player is not always 7.
      12 bench players are available in these matches.
    • National Team Match
    • Serie A
    • Serie B
    • TIM Cup(Coppa Itaila)
    • Eredivisie
    • The KNVB Cup
    • The Johan Cruijff Schaal
    And 6 players can be substituted in international friendly. It also must be reflected.

    And Substitution bug. It must be fixed. It's old bug.
    1. I already used all substituions.
    2. Players is injured. And He can't play.
    3. Team management screen is appeared automatically for substitution.
    4. Can't substitute player because I already use used all substituions.
    5. Can't quit team management screen. Because I must substitute injured player.
    6. Can't substitute player because I already use used all substituions.
    7. Can't quit team management screen. Because I must substitute injured player.
    8. REPEAT......
  14. Bad Retirement
    Players retire during International Tournament like World Cup and EURO.
    And No article about retiring player, no retirement ceremony, no testimonial match
    EA don't add any small cut scenes.
  15. Unrealistic League Trophy Celebration time
    Trophy Celebration is generally held at last home match except when league winner isn't decided until last fixture.
    But Celebration is always held at last fixture in FIFA.
  16. No Host Country
    Pre-season tournament is held in licensed stadiums.
    But World cup, confed cup, euro and copa america are never held in licensed stadium.
    It's ironic. :lol:
    Host country should be also introduced to International competitions like pre-season tournaments.
    1. Host country is selected randomly. But Only Contry that has thier league in FIFA Game can be host.
    2. Stadiums of host country league teams are only used in competition.
    If England is selected host country of world cup, BPL stadiums and wembley are used for world cup fixture not generic stadiums.
    It will be fantastic.

  17. Short Length

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