Update for demo ?

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Just got an update on X1 for fifa 17 demo total size 595.54MB.

Apologize if there is a thread for it didn't see it.


  • Ferd
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    The ea yet change the gameplay, why????? Was so good, why do you need always change the gameplay to make the game faster????? The first pass cant be so easy like now, return the gameplay of the demo before the update please and the most important, keep this gameplay to ultimate team. I dont understand why you ( EA) done it, but yet have time to return the perfect gameplay demo. PLEASE EA READ IT AND STOP TO DESTROY THE GAME EACH UPDATE, THE GAME DONT NEED BE FASTER. STOP WITH UPDATESSSSSSS
  • FabioFisher
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    I agree
  • Ferd
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    No, please lol
  • APEX0107
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    Off topic but can you restart a game in the demo?
  • Pwaaaleee
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    APEX0107 wrote: »
    Off topic but can you restart a game in the demo?

    Nah. It likes to force those screens upon you after every other game.
  • CFCHenri
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    Same here! Gonna test some differences
  • ogac7
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    I dont get update on PS4 but face is change,Pogba...
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