Consumables and Fitness

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EA should:

Make adjustments to Consumables so they carry more value

First make them have real tangible on pitch impact.

example: If your card cranks up your pace from 74 to 84, you should clearly see and feel the difference in your avatars speed on the field during that game. Thus, you would want to buy more crack (I mean PACE cards). The current system shows little if any noticeable difference when the consumable is applied.

Make more types of consumables like position changes that don't currently exist but should.
example: I want to change my right wing to the left side of the field or even better cards that are rare but allow extreme jumps like a single card that could convert your RB into a CM or something.

EA should:

Make lack of fitness have a very dramatic impact on the player's performance and change fitness cards to 5/10/15 rather than 20/40/60.

What brainstorms do you have about adjustments or additional consumables?


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