FUT REVO- FIFA is the Best game in the WORLD but if they really wanted to make money with FUT.....

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OK, its pretty clear most of us see the simple math:

EA FIFA = best sports video game in the world so we pay for it and they make millions (which they should)

FUT Trading = Crazy fun aspect of the game even though trading market really only works well in the first couple months of the game until the market is completely flooded and then fails miserably

FUT Trading Paradoxes = All gold cards should have far more value than any silver or bronze card but they do not

FUT Game play = Broken to force card pack buying to increase EA profits

SEASONS game play = very realistic and GOLD players actually play better than silver

However, EA is missing out on much higher profit margins they could be generating with FUT.

Imagine, if they did this as a package deal.

A revolutionized version of FUT or


Dramatically increase the impact of player ratings on the in game performance of the avatar.

Make game play in FUT the exact opposite of what it is now. Make the 85+ players ridiculously good just like they are in real life. An 85 striker facing a back line of guys rated 60 should have ZERO problem tearing it up. In other words, make the value of the skill set of each card a much BIGGER factor in how that avatar plays on the pitch. Good ratings amazing on the field performance, crappy ratings and the guy screws up constantly.

example: If......
TEAM A has a mediocre human controller playing with a team of 85+ players
TEAM B has a far stronger human at the helm but has a bronze team

TEAM A should still win 9 out 10 matches.

of course, if those two users square off with similar teams than TEAM B will crush.

Make game play in FUT 100% real just like it is in SEASONS. No momentum, scripting, or mayhem of any kind. Just let the game play out.

Reverse progression of default settings as you move from league 10 up to league 1.

In league 10 all players should start on fully assisted controls.
In league 9 you lose assisted switching
In League 8 you lose assisted crossing
In League 7 you lose assisted through balls
In League 6 you lose assisted driven pass
In League 5 you lose assisted short ball
In League 4 you lose assisted pass weight
In League 3 you lose assisted shooting
In League 2 you lose assisted shooting power
in League 1 you must play FULL MANUAL

Make adjustments to Consumables so they carry more value

First make them have real tangible on pitch impact.
example: If your card cranks up your pace from 74 to 84, because of STEP 1 (discussed above) you will clearly see and feel the difference in your avatars speed on the field during that game. Thus, you will want to buy more crack (I mean PACE cards).

Make more types of consumables like position changes that don't currently exist but should.
example: I want to change my right wing to the left side of the field or even better cards that are rare but allow extreme jumps like a single card that could convert your RB into a CM or something.

Make lack of fitness have a very dramatic impact on the player's performance and change fitness cards to 5/10/15 rather than 20/40/60.

I could go on for three days about ways to adjust consumables so we would need them more and thus pay for them

Make Chemistry have a more tangible impact on your teams play so you can not get away with ignoring it. However, there should also be more ways to increase your teams chemistry like two players playing next to each other in your line-up should continuously be improving their chemistry.

example: Two guys with low chemistry because they are from different league and different countries that play in your line-up next to each other should eventually have the potential to have perfect chemistry. Imagine they play 500 games next to each other they will over come the chemistry issues.

Add consumable cards that increase the chemistry between two players

Change how the STORE works.

Only allow players to trade in coins to buy bronze packs.

Only allow players to trade in a combination of coins and "REAL" money for silver players.

Only allow players to BUY gold players with REAL money.


The virtual earth just shook.

If you are a FUT player you just took pause like ahhhh wait a minute.

If your an EA EXEC you just went cha ching!!!!!

Dude, I mean seriously think about how many GOLD packs they would sell with real money if all SIX STEPS of FUT REVO were implemented.

Everyone would realize the gold player cards and consumables were ridiculously important to proceed up through the food chain. They would BUY them in the stores and "IF" they traded them on the market you certainly wouldn't see a GOLD player card selling for 400 coins. They would all go for thousands of coins.

Not only would I pay to play the above I would BUY PACKS (a lot of them)! Which I never currently do. :smile:


  • I SiR MartY I
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    So basically, if a dire player has a good team and a good player has a bad team, the dire player should always win or at least win 9/10 games?


    That is the whole UT mindset, I have 85-90 rated players, so therefore I must automatically win every game. Stupid way of thinking. Player skill should count far more on Fifa than player stats.
  • agentxyz2
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    Agreed. What OP is saying is to turn FUT even more pay to win. Fk that it's good the way it is.
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