FUT17 - Special cards

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So, I've just made an overview with all special cards that are in this years FIFA.

Credits to mrfifa365 from the Soccergaming-forums who extracted these from the Demo.
As this is only from the demo, some cards may be added or changed later but in general, these should also be in the full game.

Sooo many special cards.. :open_mouth::smile:
I named all that I know.



  • On3PoundFish
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    Halloween cards :D
  • AbuNegus
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    Holy crap, this market is going to be even better than 16 :# I don't like trading, so very happy with this. I imagine the traders not too stoked on this though.
  • Dylan98SWFC
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    edited September 2016
    Meh, who knows if they're even going to be tradeable, I trade a lot and I've always wanted more special cards, Madden is far superior when it comes to cards. It's kind of expected given FUTChampions rewards and Squad Builder Challenges, halloween timed challenge and stuff like this.
  • jordansky1111
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    Quite like the look of the one with the ball in the background. Possibly Ballon D'Or (or player of the year etc.) And the one beside it looks like it could be MLS specific (second from the right, bottom)
  • Jake
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    Halloween cards is tinpot. The Champions white/red ones and the pros and hereos look great
  • deang07
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    Hw will they cope with ratings wiv all these cards and players rated highly this yr already ie ronaldo only needs 5 ifs to get to 99 there will end up so many late 90 cards
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