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Back for a 3rd year in a row, lets see how long it takes me to get bored this year. Hopefully the DB is released soon as this thread is pretty useless without it.

Please before any of you post read this and reflect on yourself and what you were about to post
than don't play, don't trade, don't pricefix, don't play all dissociative identity disorder
decrease the time you play fifa and socialize in real life and study so you can live your actual life
unless you are going to play this game until you go into your grave
i understand your urge and teenage rebel attitude and all that but online forum is not a good place to brag/show your attitude (which you can't do a bit in real life) and not to mention over a game.
overall ur just 2 faced double standard low life all talk liar calling others pathetic
just decrease the time you play games, go see some psychiatrist and socialize with your friends
don't even try to respond or resist or try to run petty mouth. this subject is not something that needs the dispute from teenager or different perspective. your just twisted and you know it or you knowingly enjoy it. if you are the later case, i really hope you are always in a position in power throughout your life (which i doubt) otherwise no fellow (no matter how mediocre or pathetic you think they are. oh, and judging from your 17 hours of game playing / trading: you are nowhere near special nor an expert/pro of this game) friends will remain: end up as a much more of a loner (which i think you already are)

If anyone is confused what a hybrid is

Cpo144 wrote: »
First of all,I play Fifa for fun, but have you people ever thought what am I really profiting from this game, am I under the spell of EA,I mean you people(kids) waste your time, life, brains over what? over what seriously? there are books to read, worlds to explore,great movies to watch but you kids(don't care how "old" you are) sit on your consoles talking about investment this, investment that,you sniped this, you sniped that, do you guys really know what life is about?.Do you eat, sleep and drink EA.
I must tell you kids something, life is not about fifa and coins, a mind they say is a terrible thing thing to waste, why don't you make real money with all those time you spend on Fifa then spend the way you like on Fifa, don't waste your life on a game.
I must say you guys are under the spell of EA thru those inform players, I'm here to let you see it,it's up to you disentangle yourself from it,the kids might not see it but you so-called adults should see it.I know some people make a living from it but those of you who do it for players and coins, remember that there's no profit in it, absolutely none.It's a waste of time, life, brains.

Lard_Lad wrote: »
They really should have someone else with a real obsure nationality run this having an englishman run this is clear bias when he's fudging every "rule" that is applied to every player to get his guy in. Its almost as embarrassing as dybala and ozil getting in the TOTW last week

Your on an english forum mate

EN not UK you don't own the forum ffs :joy:
Game is dead for those that suck at fifa. Good players have fun continuously winning

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