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Many ideas I already posted them in the beta forums

I forgot to post that when you're playing career mode the world cup is played in many countries, there should be a way we can choose the country or randomized whatever, but it should be just one country, and play in those stadiums so it can be more realistic



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    ... that was in , in the last years, when you played only one player, it was your country you have choosen from where you are, you had to choose one, which is included in Fifa and is beeing part of the qualif. rounds.

    if you played the whole team, it depends on your performance, which countries offered you a job. But youz could also buy that ea shop item, that you got always an offer next month from some countries ...

    if you mean the host country of the WC , the next countries, which are known are already set , so in 2018 it will be in russia and so on, after the already known countries, it is random !

    There have been even mods for the PC to include the official emblems etc.
    So played in FIFA 2016 in Brasil and France in my BeAPro career !

    as it is all new, we will see what has been cut off :-(
  • Is career mode going to be full featured like Fifa 16???

    I've noticed that whenever EA change to a new engine they drop a heap of features the first year. I hope career mode is as per normal.....
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    More options to customize character whould be good, hair styles ,tattoos etc
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