FIFA 17 Pro Clubs Bug Report Thread



  • Issue Summary: Not getting our PRO's but instead a random NPC player.
    Issue Details: We had been playing up till the 9th October with ust two of us. since the 9th we have been playing with 3-4 people. 2 striker 2 midfielders. We all go into our respective positions and one of us plays "ANY". However when the game starts we all get equally lucky and unlucky. sometimes one of us might get a random npc player or we might get the pro of someone else. we are definitely not all getting our Pro's. On tpop of that the formation always gets auto changed to 4-3-3 Holding or 4-1-2-2-1( i think) but definitely not the formation we chose. we have tried different formations to the same end result.... the only we can all get our Pro's is by not using "ANY".
    Platform: PS4
    Region: Germany , NRW
    PSN ID: Masta_Indica
    Started on the 9th October and have been having the problem since. CET (UTC+1) Germany, Münster
  • zzzzzzzzzz
    2 posts Ball Boy
    edited October 2017
    Issue Summary: no server is recommended in club search, laggy games (request a pas AI waits 2-3 seconds then passes to where I WAS 2-3 seconds ago!!!! Genius right?!??!?!?!!?)

    Issue Details: Fifa 17 fails to recognize where i am from and your advisors are clueless

    Game Mode: Pro Clubs

    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PC

    Region: Good question what is my freaking region EA??????? Am from Europe all European regions show as (Not Recommended) that is my issue!!!!!!

    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): bnfc_origi

    Date & Time (Please include timezone): every time

    Waiting for the fix in 2025

    That is the year when I will buy a new EA product most likely

    There you go my region is not recommended, this is genius:
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