FIFA 17 Seasons & Co-Op Seasons Bug Report Thread



  • Issue Summary:Squad keeps getting reset
    Issue Details: I have a custom team sheet set up but the game refuses to use it by default despite it being chosen on seasons. The only way to get it to choose the custom team sheet is to make a change in the team. If this isn't done, the game resets the squad to the Match Day team sheet.
    Game Mode:Seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: UK
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN ID ajhakra
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 25/04/17(although has been happening since the start of Fifa 17) BST
  • BigB33
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    When do the cup matches open on ps3 for fifa 17? my screen is won't let me click on it and it doesn't say when it opens, also the play seasons menu doesn't tell you how many games are left in the season or how many points you have!!!
  • Issue Summary: Form - up to the wrong player
    Issue Details: Fabiano(GK, Fenerbahce), who has injured 2 weeks ago for 6 months, got a form up this week even though he didn't play the last match.
    Game Mode: Online Seasons, Co-op
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PC ( I guess all)
    Region: Lithuania
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): DynamoPotato
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 09.May.2017, 22.50(gmt +2)
  • Siki786
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    Does any1 have the issue where you sometimes find an opponent and then the games freezes in the arena in head 2 head seasons?
  • I'm not finding opponents how do I fix that
  • Аzat
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    Issue Summary: Coop seasons, disconnection
    Issue Details: Threw out of two games in a row at the decisive moment !? First kicked me out, but in the next game partner!
    Game Mode: Coop seasons
    Platform (Xbox One/PS4/PC/Xbox 360/PS3): PS4
    Region: Russian Federation
    Gamertag / PSN ID / Source ID (indicate which one): PSN: bolLLLoy, Sergey171rus
    Date & Time (Please include the time zone): 29 may 2017 23:19 (+3 time zone - GMT)
    It's outrageous to ask you to return us two games!!!
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  • Issue Summary: FIFA 17 Veteran Trophy
    Issue Details: NO FIFA 17 Veteran Trophy even though I played FIFA 16 online alot and ithink i was in division 3
    Game Mode: Online Seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: USA
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN: Ehsan_keen
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): June 5 (don't remember the time)
  • sergiodilor
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    Issue Summary: Incorrect Match result
    Issue Details: I had just started a match, my opponent proposed a mutual quit, I accepted but I was given a match loss
    Game Mode: Seasons
    Platform: PC
    Region: Italy
    Origin ID: sergiodilor
    Date & Time: 21st June 2017 at about 00:00 GMT+1
  • Issue Summary: Unable to connect to play
    Issue Details: While searching for opponent it takes it's time only to give me a message how opponent isn't found and that I should do something with matchmaking options ( which are default). Trying to play coop season also gives error saying unable to connect to play. Tried with another ps+ account on the same console connected to the same network (wired) only to get same error. I'm connected to EA servers, other multiplayer games work fine, tried changing approximate location matchmaking, contacted EA tech support three times and followed their instructions, they said it's a bug and that I report it.
    I'm having this problem for almost a month now.
    Game Mode: Seasons, Co Op seasons
    Platform : PS4
    Region: Ireland
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID: thorzvonsson
    Date & Time 24th June 2017 at 10:00 GMT +1
  • CosminB
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    Issue Summary: Match Win didn't count in Seasons
    Issue Details: I just won 6-1 against an opponent in Seasons (I played Real, they played Barca), and the win doesn't count - it says my latest match was a 1-2 loss against Bayern (the match before that). I didn't get any points for it either. The match finished normally at full time.
    Game Mode:Seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: EU
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN ID ShadowCos
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 24'th of June, around 5:20-5:40pm (UTC +1, London time)
  • Issue Summary: Online Seasons
    Issue Details:Latency responsibility/transparency
    There is a huge problem with playing people who don't have good latency that causes terrible glitches. Its almost a 50/50 shot on if they will have good latency. There should be lobby for poor latency and good latency. or maybe give us players the option to view the other players latency before we sign onto play them. I'm not the best at FIFA but a lot of my losses are coming from me backing out of a game because its glitching so bad. I like xbox but this problem is getting intolerable at this point.
    Game Mode:Online Seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC):X1
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one):Qisfishing
    Date & Time (Please include timezone):CT 5:12 pm
  • omiyo_33
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    issue Summary: Unusual behaviour in Manager mode
    Issue Details: No European/Champions Cup match, No international Job offering (Though the item from catalog is bought), Carrier Catalog is broken, can not be redeemed but purchasable
    Game Mode: Seasons
    Platform: PS4
    Region: Malaysia
    Gamertag / PSN / Origin ID: omiyo_33
    Date & Time: 15th June 2017 at 19:00 (time zone: UTC +6)
  • Pelicano
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    I want to report that the International Squad Roosters are not up to date on PS4
  • Zurchi
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    Issue Summary: Disconnect on alt-tab / system interruption
    Issue Details: When playing co-op seasons and someone gets a notification or system event that causes the game to lose focus (alt tab, or swap to another app, or get a taskbar notification), the game quits and you lose 3-0
    Game Mode: Co-Op Seasons
    Platform (PC/):
    Region: ALL
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one):Origin ID
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): EST
  • youngevans
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    Heyy EA sports, you ought to know better gaddamnit!!! You're also supposed to play game yourselves and put it to the waste bin afterwards. Fifa 17 Online sucks so badly as sh!t, and its so freaking annoying how you manipulate matches and force a side to win or loose!
  • hmislam
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    Issue Summary: Wrong season rewards
    Issue Details: I've reached elite 1 on monthly rewards but I received elite 2 rewards which is 15 player pack! and when I contacted with the EA they told me they'll fix it and they did by giving me only a pack of 20 players instead of 29 to be 44 not 35! and when I got the 20 players pack I got three duplicate players which means I'm missing 12 player not only 9!!!!!!
    Game Mode: FUT champs monthly
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: US
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN HMISLAM
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): Denver
  • Issue Summary: Season mode isn't opening or taking a long time to open
    Issue Details: Everything was going well and I wasn't having any problems with my game, however yesterday my season mode started to take to slow to open or to not open at all. So, I tried to reinstal the game, but it didn't work as well. All the others modes are still working. I really enjoy the season mode, so I need to correct this error.
    Game Mode: Season mode
    Platform: PS3
    Region: Brazil
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID: andersonskyw
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 5th August 2017 at 5pm (-3 time zone- GMT)
  • Issue Summary: FIFA 17 FUT Friendly Seasons

    Issue Details: My friend and I, have been playing FUT friendly season since launch. Suddenly, a few weeks ago, the Season History has been reset AND when we play new matches it won't register our results. We get 3 points after the game and when we want to start a new match the points are gone.

    Game Mode: Ultimate Team Friendly Seasons

    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PS4

    Region: Denmark

    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN: RazzHansen

    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 16th October 2017, 22.55. (The issue startet 2-3 weeks earlier)
  • Issue Summary: FIFA 17 Veteran Trophy
    Issue Details: NO FIFA 17 Veteran Trophy even though I played FIFA 17 online alot and I was in division 1
    Game Mode: Online Seasons
    Platform: PS4
    Region: BRAZIL
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN: roberto_neto_br
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): when I first entered FIFA 18 for the first time someday in october 2017 (don't remember the day or time)
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