Restrictions on Fifa 17 modes on EA Access...

I SiR MartY I
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Found these articles and this tweet which I really hope isn't true and is just waffle.


Limiting what modes are playable during the trial is a massive kick to the teeth for Pro Clubs players like myself, if true.


  • Sellish
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    This would be so disgusting.
    First Early Access was having the game a week before, now a days it's 10 hours and if they are to restrict it?
    I guess The Journey is less then 10 hours gameplay and they are afraid that people will finish it and not buy the game.

    If this is true ofcourse.
  • Dr.Strange
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    Poorly worded and vague imo. I wouldn't put much thought into this as it seems to come from someone who doesn't know much about fifa. I mean single player campaign ? lol this isnt Battlefield.

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