Moving from ps4 to PC

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As the tittle says im moving from playing fifa on ps4 to PC because I sold my ps4 recently together with fifa 16.

Is there anything different that I should be prepared for, my biggest concern is more cheaters in online seasons and that the case or just 'normal' number of cheaters like on any other platform?

I also read that PC version doesnt get as many updates as ps4/xbox1 version does...visual updates like faces, boots, balls etc,
is that true?


  • opasni_
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    Worst decision of your life.
  • Best decision of your life, just make sure you got an xbox controller to play with. There aren't many cheaters in head2head, for FUT I remember there being some fuss about people abusing the system to gain coins. The FUT community is smaller than the other platforms, so trading will take longer, but for the rest it is good.

    I don't really remember updates that didn't update console and PC. I at least got quite a few patches. However is visual aspects are your problems I would recommend you try mods for your game. They are pretty easy to install and you can get real faces for almost every player, updated kits/boots, more leagues, more stadiums etc. There are even a few mods that change the gameplay/career mode to make it more realistic.

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    Thanks for the answers

    yeah I got an xbox controller already.

    Sure I'll use mods for visual updates then, but do they apply to online? isn't that 'protected' database that you can't change.

    Like if I change boots on let's say Hazard it will change in offline but in online seasons he would still have the ones that EA set since that's different database?
  • I don't think you will be able to see them in online play. I haven't really put much attention to it, but afaik the game will check if your team roster etc is up to date and will download the latest. Any changes to them will be disregarded. Think you can set up profiles to make it work for online/offline play.
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    Hello, visual mods are visible online, new shirts,boots, faces etc. Only added teams aren't visible online because you must play with "online squads".

    Check out my channel! (and look how Pogba looks like offline and online this same)
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