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  • Goldenear007
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    arsenalap wrote: »
    I always start with getting Portsmouth back to prem and to the top.

    Hows that working out since the budgets don't increase from year to year in F17? I used to love taking small teams and progressing them but that just doesn't work this year because you never get financially rewarded for winning.

    I was never rewarded financially for winning in FIFA 16. The board continually tell you after the January transfer deadline that the transfer budget has increased but start the new season and there's no difference to the previous year. This was the same for any club.
    During the second half of last season on my current game on FIFA 17, i had £100m available in the transfer kitty, over £1m+ available on the wage bill and it reset when the game updated for the new season.

    I've just started a third season as Liverpool. Dybala is 90, Joao Mario is 88, Sandro is 86, Matip, Florenzi and Koulibaly are 85. Allan, Can, Goretzka, Dembele, Origi and others are rated between 82-84. Klostermann, Alexander-Arnold, Grujic and others are excellent squad players. Butland was signed for £25m, sold to Leicester for £50m ( Karius went to Bayern for £48m - they love signing keepers, they have Neuer, Courtois and Karius ) and i got Leno at 88 on a free.
  • ThatBoyBobs
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    An English team to bring up again would be - Newcastle United. They have a great BIG stadium and some good youth and Rafa Benitez as a Manager which makes it realistic. But I LOVE to play as Manchester United and bring them back to their glory days , they've been horrible the last 5 years and I like to play as them and make them a juggernaut once again on not only the English stage but the WORLD stage. I love to make them viewed along the lines of Real Madrid and Barcelona and Bayern Munchen. Also if you wait until the last day of transfers (when it does the countdown from 10) you can sell off Ibrahimovich by trading him - IE : pick a player you want like lets say Lacazette and put some cash plus "add a player" to the deal and select Ibrahimovich.) He doesnt show up during the Transfer window until the VERY end on the last day. Then you can get rid of him for around 40 million.
  • ThatBoyBobs
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    Also try to play with "RB Leipzig" (Red Bull Leipzig) they were recently purchased and have been promoted last 2 years or something and have reached Bundesliga 's premier league and are a young team that has money behind them, so they're young with a big budget and are on the rise in real life. It makes it more realistic when you add good players and win with them.
  • I need a mid table or lower premier league with an ok amount of money (£15 - 30 million)
  • Mufc_4_life
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    GG_NO_RE wrote: »
    I need a mid table or lower premier league with an ok amount of money (£15 - 30 million)

    Maybe Swansea or Crystal Palace
  • To be honest does it matter? All teams play the same. If you go for a high level team you'll lose to the Acrington Stanleys of the world due to 'dynamic difficulty' and if you play the lowliest team in the league you'll put 4 or 5 past Barca.
  • malcster
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    Not started on 17 yet but in the past I have picked Newcastle (home team)
    Swapped them to the 3rd division similar to rangers in Scotland
    Sell old players and develop a youth squad to get back to the premier league
  • Menaceuk
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    I started with Portsmouth down in league 2 and wanted to bring them back to the Premier League.

    I am almost there too. Currently sitting in a play off position in the Championship with 8 games to go. Have a small chance to catch automatic promotion but will most likely have to play in the play offs to get promotion.

    I bought in some young players over the course of my career, such as...

    ST - Jamieson: A young striker from the MLS who has turned into a beast.
    GK - Bijlow: 20 years old and has 90+ in Diving, positioning and kicking. Has 83 reflexes too.
    CB - Humphreys-Grant: Fantastic young centre half who picked up for very cheap from Man City, I think.

    Also, in the mid season transfer window I manged to pull in Memphis Depay and Gaston Ramirez on free transfers. Hopefully they will be joining Portsmouth in our first Premier League season.


  • RCS49
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    SC Bastia in Ligue 1 are a good team to go for. I went for them, predicted 19th place finish, asked to avoid relegation, finished 3rd. Got a fairly young squad, only a few older players, low wages. Budget is about £5m, I got asked to finish the season with £2.5m funds unspent, but don't think it's major if you spend it all as long as you finish in a decent spot.

    Frustrating thing is finishing third only increased my starting budget to £7.5m, even though the club got £34m for finishing 3rd.
  • SACanuckinOz
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    I chose Ajax (Amsterdam) as they have
    1. a young squad (some as young as 17), and you don't really need to add players immediately unless the board expects it (they do sometimes require a marque signing)
    2. a few world class players (Davy Klaasen),
    3. the Dutch League is good, but no Barca/Real M/Man U type opposition,
    4. the transfer budget is big enough to buy some fairly good young players (e.g. Poulsen, Tielermans)
    5. the board focus is on youth development a lot of the time
    6. by the second year the squad would/could be strong enough to compete in Champions league (although not a board expectation, they require European league)
  • i went for rb salzburg with the hopes of champions league football on fifa 16

    it was so much fun, i primarily signed unknown gems like the red bull projects usually do, and within 6 seasons i managed to get to the final on WC, but then the season after i went for legendary and finished 4th in the österreich bundesliga and didnt get out of the group stages and got sacked. ended up at leipzig which was a bit coincedental and by this time they were europa league contenders in the bundesliga, so i stayed with them until the end of the career mode and basically signed all of my old salzburg players (naby keita, caleta-car, minamino) and they basically dominated the champions league

    just started my salzburg career on fifa 17, and so far i think ill be able to stay for the entire career mode (on legendary of course)
  • you could start with the HSV from the bundesliga. they have some good players and its kind of al challange. also they have halilovic.
  • FootyGame03
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    Leicester, Everton, Hamburg, Villarreal

    Which team should I choose for Career Mode?
  • ShadowGamer330
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    Best RTG teams in England? League 1 or 2?
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