Your best pack pulls?

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Who did you guys pack on 16? Curious to see so i can compare my luck. I managed to get Aguero and Thiago Silva on release day as well as Inform Bartra.


  • Obrj
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    Last year i didnt pull many good players on release day but i pulled like 12 Kompany's. They sold for a good bit that weekend. I was pretty much pulling him like every 10 packs or so.
  • Obrj
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    My best pull of the season was TOTS Kante and I pulled LEGEND Breme in an untradeable pack which forced me to use him and now i love him so i will buy him fairly early to play with all season depending on his price.
  • MF-Zahri
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    Didn't pack anyone that was good this year sadly. I opened less packs than the previous years and focused more on playing alot to get a good team. The last few years my pack luck wasn't great too (best ones FIFA 13 IF Defour, Schweinsteiger, 89 Falcao (at the end of FIFA 13), FIFA 15 IF Castro)...
  • LFC3232
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    I also had no luck for the first few weeks, best pulls were TOTY Modric, Ibra, Aguero, Bale, Neymar, TOTS Alderweireld and a few others which I don't remember. First Fifa in around 3 which I didn't manage to pack Messi or Ronaldo
  • Dan is Clutch
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    Best pull was TOTS Payet for obvious reasons.

    But really, it was TOTS Suarez.
  • NicoGunner
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    Best pull on fifa 16 wasnt really good...

    comes to my mind right now...
    Lewandoski (around 70k on that moment)
    Sergio Ramos
    Mikel San Jose SIF
    and my only TOTS this year : Ross Mccormack

    so so bad, i wasnt even on the mood to open packs this year :(

    my sniping this year was really lucky on the other side: Bellerin SIF for 40k and Konoplyanka sif for 35k was my luckiest ones
  • DiddyBCFC
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    I got David Silva day one of early access from a first game loss in draft. Sold for 110k
  • Peter
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    Toty neymar and Kluivert in back to back 100k packs.

    My early access luck was poor though, then a lewa from draft in the first few days was the best I did till toty.
  • ClerryJungle
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    I spent £0 and only opened free packs and draft rewards and packed ST Ronaldo. Never been that lucky before and probably never will be again!
  • Aloeeee x
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    Didn't really pack anyone last year as I didn't spend much time on FUT, but I've packed Inzaghi and numerous high TOTS in the past
  • NicoGunner
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    Talking about luck, just pull an 86 Mahrez right now :lol:
  • SaiyanGoku
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    First time in all Fifas that i didn't pack Ronaldo or Messi.

    Best pull was probably Dani Alves toty.
  • illinifan
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    Diego Costa :neutral:
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