Job offers of any club should be available after each fifa 17 career mode season

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Hopefully in fifa 17 we can choose our own career path again, like in fifa 2005. Now we have to choose a club out of a very limited selection of clubs right before we play the champignons league final, because after the final there are no job offers available. We don't want to start a new career each time we want another club just because the clubs we like don't offer a contract.

This would be the best change fifa can ever make! Each club should be possible to choose at the end of each season in fifa 17 career mode :wink:


  • Each club should be possible at the end of each season :wink:
  • coatsy
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    You should atleast get performance based offers.
  • Yeah so you can't choose the 5 star clubs while you don't have enough status as a coach isn't it? That's fun! If we can at least choose out of all the other possible smaller clubs.
  • Andyomazing
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    This really annoys me. You have a great season & you would like to move teams for a new challenge. But no October is the earliest you may join another team leaving months before you can invest in your new club. It's really frustrating
  • Ashy
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    Pretty sure it's not fixed because they didn't change anything apparently just add a couple of graphs and management goals
  • Pwaaaleee
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    This is the reason why I forfeit games when I'm tired of playing with a team and can't join another. It gets to the point that you're locked in. I hate doing it because it ruins immersion.

    Plus the number of clubs that pop-up are always the same. How do I go from PL to MLS?

    Needs a better structure so you can have more choice.
  • Yeah you are completely right! You can't even move to other competitions. Then we are just stuck in the game. It would be such a shame if this isn't fixed. They may do nothing on the game, if they would only change this the game fun would be so much better.
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