What is everyone thinking about making for their starter teams?

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I'd like to hear some your plans and how you would like to progress your starter teams as the year goes by!


  • illinifan
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    Super Lig and cheap PL team to start, hopefully I'll have two nice PL and La Liga squads by the end of the year
  • Dylan98SWFC
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    Will know more when the Database is out, probably 2x30k teams which will rise on release providing the web start goes my way.

    I'll definitely have a Sheffield Wednesday team anyway and grind SP for a while.
  • M98H
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    Mexican league team most likely
  • Orikoru
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    Non-rares. Looking forward to finding out who the non rares actually are.
  • Rumplefish
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    2 very cheap (300-500 coins per player) Argentina/La liga/Serie A teams
  • Dyalz
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    2 cheap teams around the best players i manage to pack/trade up to on the web app / early access.
  • Aloeeee x
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    I always make a Bolton squad on the web app, because I always get early access and load up with FIFA points so I'm not too fussed about trading to make a starter squad! Always have my Bolton team for tournaments as well, and with FUT Champs tourneys this year I'll have more of a chance to use it!
  • Turkish Super Lig will be amazing. Podolski, Quaresma,Chedjou,Kjaer,Inler,Aboubakar,Talisca they are OP. In FIFA 16 I m in division 1 with that team. They op
  • Rogerio8
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    Leaning more towards serie A again this season as last year they were my boys.

    Would love a team in a 442 with Bacca up top possibly with a big man partner, 2 quick wingers like Perisic or El sha and Salah if he's out wide or Pjaca on the cheap.
    Khedira and Hamsik Cm with whoever at the back.

    Can't see it being too pricey maybe take a couple of weeks but will work my up to it.
  • MattDaddy V1
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    Same as every year, buy one or two super cheap bronze/silver players to get my starter pack team on 100% chem. Then use them for a days until the price settles on the PSV & BHAFC players. Then I make some weird PSV, BHAFC and bundes hybrid team while snapping up the rest of my BHAFC gens for cheap.
  • DiddyBCFC
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    I play packs only so who knows. I may have to break the packs only tradition for champions though :(:(
  • NicoGunner
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    Im gonna start with a full Racing Club squad... its always pretty cheap and maybe a cheap Argentina non-rare golds its what i always do.
  • coatsy
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    Waiting for database first tbh.
  • nsholmberg11
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    database needed first. non-rares mostly. bundesliga has some pretty good non-rare starter options. also depends if I actually pull something good to build around
  • nsholmberg11
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    here's an idea for now:
    Bobby Wood
    Kainz Baier Ekdal Haraguchi
    Kolasinac Djourou Sulu Weiser
  • Obrj
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    My starter team will be i think La Liga low rated players. I usually dont build a beast team for about 2 to 3 weeks.
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    Se what happens with packs. Usually try to build a somewhat competitive and well rounded team early, but this year i may choose a decent player to build around and improve the rest of the squad as i go along.
  • xGrumpyWolfx
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    Hoping to build a decent little prem team full of players I like around Origi like last year, hoping he's OP on this game too B)
  • Yoshi
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    Pogba Arfa
    Bolasie Matuidi Di Maria
    Clichy Kaboul Luiz Walker

    I will never sell that team lol
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