FIFA 17 Catalogue

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I'm just wondering if anyone has seen the FIFA catalogue for this year yet? I know I'm speaking for others here when I say that the FIFA 16 catalogue was hugely disappointing due to low level (50) it took to attain all of the loan items and coin boosts. I hope they fix that this year by rewarding players who have been playing for longer and are at the higher levels (80+). There should be more of an incentive like in previous years.


  • TheNakedGod
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    Good post.

    Yes it was a strange decision. One part of me thinks they will be frugal because generous FUT Champions prizes could lead to over-saturation

    However Squad Building Challenges causing people to give tons of cards back to EA could counter that.

    I note that NHL 17 allows you to have duplicates. It would be great if FIFA allowed too as these could then be used for the Squad challenges.

    It will be the strangest FIFA yet!

    Sorry I went off topic but one thought leads to another etc...
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