To anyone who has seen or played fifa 17

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has the ease with which wingers can get to the goal line and cut in been taken down a bit? i know of some tactics to minimize this (bring the keeper out, tackle before he gets around your fullback) but noticed while playing 16 again last night that if a guy wants to spam that, he will get inside my box at least 3-4 times again by just sprinting and out-muscling then cutting back? For H2H play it is by far the most over-utilized tactic because of the ease with which it can be pulled off. And with virtually with any fast winger with good balance rating.

My guess would be that the AI of the center and full backs would be increased to better their positioning to fix this. has anyone noticed a change?

i'd like to see that we cold switch off to our center back and anticipate the cut in and or have the AI defend the goal side by default. Either of these would help stop the spamming.
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