Fifa 17 Web App Guidance

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I've been reading up on the benefits of using Web App/Mobile App for early trading before general release.

I *think* I have grasped this concept but my understanding is you cannot buy packs with fifa coins until game release.

Therefore how do you trade early when can't purchase anything or transfer coins from FIFA 16? I really wish to be prepared so all help great fully received.

Also with new daily tournaments tied in to FUT champions will we still be able to play offline tournaments against AI and will there be an offline version of FUT Champions so you can get prizes winning against AI? I ask this as I am such a noob I won't have a chance of winning an online tournament to play this mode and really want to play the 40 game weekenders.

Thank you all in advance (I'm an old 50 year old so reflexes ain't great lol)


  • Dylan98SWFC
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    You get daily sign in bonuses and loyalty packs for playing 16. As long as you have 300 coins, you can trade.
  • Liam W
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    With EA you never know, but assuming previous years as a precedent, we will get access to the web app a couple of weeks before launch. Upon first accessing you will get a couple of packs of players for free to start your FUT 17 club; an untradable pack consisting mainly of bronzes all with lots of contracts and a couple (depending on how many previous FIFA titles you played FUT on) of gold packs.

    As Dylan has said, every day you will be rewarded a daily gift simply for logging in to the app (these gifts are only given out for a limited time [they usually stop around launch] and do not get backdated so if you miss a daily gift, it is gone for good). These don't tend to be very impressive, but include 250, 500, 1000 or 2500 coins or mini packs consisting of 4 players (bronze, silver or gold). These have always been tradable.

    In all previous years buying FIFA points has been disabled until launch so you are probably to correct to assume the same situation here. Therefore if you want to trade you will need to sell players you get from your starter packs/daily gifts or get coins as a daily gift.

    I consider trading on web app very worthwhile because prices are cheaper at the pre-launch stage (where people's ability to earn coins to buy players is restricted). This means if you can make a healthy profit, you can either buy players and get a team ready for launch that you wouldn't be able to afford otherwise or invest in players who are likely to be in high demand when the game ships (Manolas would be a good example) knowing you can sell them on for a big profit later*.

    *Your profit will only be a big profit if you hold onto it for a few weeks and wait for player prices to come back down - otherwise there is no point making a 60% profit on one player only to spend it on other players who also cost 60% more!

    Finally, as I said earlier you can never tell with EA but I would be very, very surprised not to see offline seasons and tournaments this year.

    Hope this helps you.
  • Galaynn
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    if you are on xbox and have EA Early Access, you can:

    - buy FPs on FUT16;

    - on the first day of EA Early Access (22 November I believe), transfer your FPs to FUT17;

    - from then on, you can use your FPs and buy packs on the WebApp.

    At least, this is how it worked last year (and previous years), I would wait for EA to confirm that FPs transfer from 16 to 17 just to be on the safe side (you never know with EA).

  • TheNakedGod
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    Thank you so much. This is exactly the advice I was hoping for :)
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