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OT: Answer Poll and win 10k

Mother Ducker
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Hello, I'm currently having a project in school and I need opinions from different people about their needs.

In my room I got loads of different cords, one to the tv, one to computer, one to my PS and so on. When you're going to change cords, you might be taking out the wrong one and it would then be good with a marker, such as a some kind of picture of a TV, PS, Computer, Internet (It isn't so nice to put off the internet when you only were going to remove the TV cord) which you can place on the cord so you know which goes to what

Anywho, I'm making a poll if this should be useful or not. And also a small reward for more answers. If more than 10 votes takes place, I will give a RANDOM person 10k, 5 votes, 5k (Not more or less)
When placing a vote, write "Voted" So I know who have been voting :D (Winner will be drawn on Thursday* 6pm GMT 0 with screenshot)
* = Moved from Friday

Sorry for bad english! :p

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