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I broke my EA illness



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    Weird thread.
  • ChrisLFC
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    AntoineFR wrote: »
    RTG101 wrote: »
    AntoineFR wrote: »
    says he overcame fifa by going on A FIFA FORUM and crying about the game over and over

    noob stop crying

    Do you know I have amazing sex with your mum bro?
    Do you do anything but scroll through this forum lol
    Dude, get out of EA's ****

    Dasco ha032742 im not sure if my mom had amazing time with him as he had with her but it's clearly he overcame fifa and the fifa forums ...
    AntoineFR wrote: »
    RTG101 wrote: »
    What ever mate!!
    You have proved your a little girl and I have reported you in the past for commenting on my comments.
    Go get the tissues and go play a game!
    And learn how to read

    if you going to keep crying till you get banned please spell " you're " right.

    You can't post coherently either. :D
  • Fab
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    let the haters hate this aint no debate fab spitting mad bars fast cars going wacka wacka mad sass
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