What to do with 80k coins

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I got 80k coins and am planning on using them on either upgrades or making my a new team. I'm considering upgrading Ben arfa, Benzema, or kurzowa, everyone else seems solid (might get tots umtiti over Thiago or tots sidibe over Kurz). I'm leaning towards either 90 Benz or tots Barfa. What do you guys think or should I upgrade someone else

Squad: http://www.futbin.com/16/squad/909137


  • Just_Unfair
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    Upgrade Ben arfa
  • DoNkeV
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    Buy TOTS Maxwell and MOTM Sirigu
  • nextqprmanager
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    I Can`t view your team yet [ Futbin is down ] but you seem to be trying like me
    I had Maxwell tots & was nice on ball, but too slow on counters, Sirigu was nothing special
    never had Benz but w/r puts me off, Umtiti tots wasnt any spec & too short !
    do you know bloudy Helan lb plays better than most!
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